Please copy and paste the questions below into a word processing file and answer the questions--or, just print this page and write in your answers neatly. Then bring the questionnaire to class on the day it is due (see the syllabus).

1. What's your full name? Do people call you by this name or another name?

2. What is your student ID number, for posting grades? (please do NOT give me your social security number!)

3. What phone number(s) may I use to reach you, if necessary? (Don't give me your email address. I mostly use telephone rather than email to contact students outside of class.)

4. What year of grad school are you in? What's your particular area of interest?

5. Are you currently working? If so, what kind of job do you have? Do you have enough time for this class?

6. What classes have you taken that would prepare you for this class, or are related to the topic? Classes specifically on the topic of influence or marketing?

7. What's your career goal? What would your dream job be?

8. Have you read the class policies found in the syllabus, and are you willing to abide by them?