GER Memorial Website Discs

Not all pages of Gayle's Memorial Site are available on the web. Some pages are only available on the Disc-based version of this site, such as:

  • GER's Artwork
  • GER's Artifacts
  • GER's Diecast Toy Collection
  • GER's Automobiles
  • GER's Personal Correspondence
  • GER's Militaria Collection
  • GER's Other Diversions
  • Disc Exclusive Photos & Memorabilia

The disc was created for those who have contributed any amount to the Rhoads Scholarship Fund...if you have made a contribution, or are planning to do so, please contact the Rhoads family to receive your CD. In the meantime, please navigate to another choice from the site map. Thanks for visiting Gayle's site!

A one-hour cassette tape was recently discovered of Gayle addressing the Lodi Academy student body at the beginning of the 1972 school year—the year that Gayle returned to Lodi Academy as principal. It has been digitally converted to CD as "Gayle Speaks, 1972" and is available in addition to the Memorial Site CD above.

Christmas 2004