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Susannah Brown Seaman Smith. The above photo isn't of Susannah (I can't find one); it is of her younger sister Lorinda, who became Jeremiah Potter Smith's second wife, after Susannah died. Guessing a family resemblence between the two sisters, I've put Lorinda in Susannah's spot until a photo of Susannah surfaces. Susannah was the daughter of Walter Seaman (a Pennsylvania Dutchman) and Mary Brown Franklin. Young Jeremiah worked on Walter Seaman's farm in Pennsylvania, and became infatuated with Susannah, one of Walter's 14 daughters. Jerry eventually approached Walter Seaman to ask if he might have his daughter for his wife. Walter Seaman responded: "Take a couple of them!" But Jerry proclaimed his interest in just Susannah. Walter Seaman responded that Susannah was "too flighty--will be on the road half her time." Jerry persisted, and finally Walter "gave in and offered them a very slangy and profane blessing." Susannah turned out to be an excellent wife and mother, and bore Jeremiah 10 children. Walter Seaman gave the couple a plot of land, which they farmed. One of the first Pennsylvania oilfields was found on Susannah's land. Here is a photo of Susannah's grave stone. Here is her & Jeremiah's 3-generation descendant list (restricted to three to preserve the privacy of living descendents). And, since Lorinda is kindly standing in for Susannah, here's Lorinda's and Jeremiah's 3-generation descendent list. (Lorinda was also married twice; her other husband was Harvey H. Newton and there were also children from that marriage).

Jeremiah Potter Smith. Jabez Potter and his wife lived in Scituate, Rhode Island, near Providence. Their daughter Watis "Watie" worked in the mills, and married a sailor, Jonathan "Than" Smith. Watie gave birth to Jeremiah Potter Smith while Than was at sea. Around this time, Jabez potter was consumed with the desire to move west, so he obtained a covered wagon and a team of horses for the trip. Watie had a difficult decision to make: wait for Than, or go with her father Jabez? Watie waited, but young Jeremiah went west with Jabez, around 1815-16. Jabez got as far as Pennsylvania when he happened upon Walter Seaman's large farm. He asked Walter if he could use an extra hand during the winter. This farm turned out to be Jabez Potter's home for the rest of his life, and young Jeremiah grew up here. [Story found in Mary Agnes Rose Keenan Rhoads' "From Scituate to Lodi: A Family Odyssey."]

Eliza Steele Keenan.

George Monahan Keenan.

Carrie Eliza Huxley Rowland.

James Rowland. James Rowland was born 1 Aug 1852 in Philadelphia PA, the oldest son born to Joseph and Ellen Rowland. James married Carrie Elizabeth Huxley, and lived most his life in Iowa as a farmer. He died 7 December 1924 in Sedro Woolley, Washington. Here is a photo of James Rowland's father, Joseph Henry Rowland, born 11 Feb 1828 in Sheffield, England. Joseph was a cutler in England. Family tradition states this is how he lost an eye. In 1843 Joseph emigrated to Connecticut and farmed (like most other Americans at the time). Joseph married Ellen Leaf (born 1832), who had emigrated from Leeds, England, in 1850. Joseph and Ellen Rowland lived in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Iowa. Joseph died in 1885 and Ellen died in 1903.

Fietta Alfretta Heims Rhoads - born 15 Sept 1841 to Jacob Himes and Mary Catherine Harriger. Fietta first married Henry Rhoads and had his child in 1864, but Henry was killed a few months later in the Civil War at the inconclusive battle of Averysboro (Averasborough) NC, where he took four musket shots to "the cheekbone, right arm, right foot, and third finger on left hand," according to the record. Shortly thereafter Fietta married Henry's brother Harrison Rhoads, who had survived the Civil War. Fietta converted to Seventh-day Adventism and eventually large portions of the Rhoads tribe followed her. Fietta met Ellen G. White, the founder of the SDA religion, and discussed the health of her sickly young son William Berton with Mrs. White, who outlined a strict health regimen for the young child, who grew to be a particularly strong and hardy individual, living to the age of 96.

Harrison Rhoads - Harrison was born 25 Sept. 1839. Like so many others of his era, worked on the farm in his youth. He enlisted (with his brother Abram) in the Civil War in 1862 with Company I, 88th Infantry Regiment of Indiana. He was eventually promoted to Corporal. Harrison may have been a prisoner of war for awhile. Upon his discharge, Harrison married his older brother's widow, Fietta. Harrison was a farmer, but an 1880 census, asking for Harrison's occupation, recorded this laconic reply: "Don'T Got Any." Records show Harrison in the Iowa Soldier’s Home in 1920 at the age of 80, just 4 months before he died. Most of Harrison's life is unknown to us at this time, and the trail of Harrison's lineage goes frustratingly cold at his father, John L. Rhoads, born 27 Feb 1814 (or 1812, or 1816, depending on which documents you view.)

Flora Delle Smith Keenan -

Samuel Franklin Keenan -

Mary Ellen Rowland Rhoads - Click here to read notes on the life of Bert Rhoads & Mary Ellen Rowland Rhoads.

William Berton Rhoads - Click here to read notes on the life of James Harrison's father, W. Bert Rhoads.

Mary Agnes Rose Keenan Rhoads - Click here to read a remembrance of Mary Keenan Rhoads, written by her son, Don.

James Harrison Rhoads. (A remembrance by his son Don.) This is based mainly on my own memory, but in part on a cursory perusal of his diaries, which I have.  A more careful study of them would probably change some details. James Harrison Rhoads was the only son of Mary and W. Bert Rhoads to survive beyond infancy (another son died in infancy). He was the middle child, with two older sisters, and two younger ones.  At the beginning of 1918 his diary records that he was 5 ft 11 inches tall, weight 155 lb... (click here to read the rest of the history)

Lineage of George M. Keenan. Email from D. H. Rhoads, Jan 2005: According to my mother's [Mary Agnes Rose Keenan] geneological work "From Scituate to Lodi: A Family Odyssey", Sam's father was George M. Keenan, born Nov 12, 1821 in Belfast, County Down, ireland. His mother was Eliza Steele (Keenan), born in Inniskillen, County Antrim, Ireland, Oct 10, 1832 (date uncertain), died January 20, 1920. George's father was Isaac Keenan, a farmer, and his mother's maiden name was Margaret Monahan. In 1840 George M. Keenan and Agnes Wallace married. In the 1840's Ireland suffered from a potato famine, and in 1848 George and his wife Agnes, with their two little girls, started the journey to the US. Agnes and both children died at sea, and George reached America alone. He farmed in Pensylvania until 1856, then moved to Mankato, MN. He met his second wife, Eliza Steele near Madella MN, and was married to her Oct 5, 1856. Email from Jerry Rowan, Jan 5, 2005: I found George and Elizabeth Keenan in the 1950 Census but am still looking for them the second time around They came to America from Ireland in 1849. Hope this helps you some. 1870 US Census Minnesota, Blue Earth Co., South Bend Twp. 11 July 1870 by William Neid page 3 Source: KEENAN, George M. 49 M W farmer $1800 $600 Ireland both parents of foreign birth " Eliza 32 F W keeping house Ireland both parents of foreign birth " Saml F. 12 M W at home MN (actually PA) both parents of foreign birth at school " Margaret 10 F W at home MN both parents of foreign birth at school " George 8 M W MN both parents of foreign birth 1880 US Census Minnesota, Blue Earth Co., South Bend Twp. 25 June 1880 by Jabez Vaughn page 23 Source: KENAN, Samuel W M 22 M farmer PA IRE IRE " Delle W F 21 wife M keeping house PA RI PA next house KEENAN, G. M. W M 58 M gardener IRE IRE IRE " Elizabeth W F 47 wife M keeping house IRE IRE IRE " George W M 18 son S at home MN IRE IRE " Eliza W F 15 dau S at home MN IRE IRE " Hannah W F 10 dau S at home MN IRE IRE " Nelley W F 8 dau S at home MN IRE IRE " Nancy W F 5 dau S at home MN IRE IRE 1910 US Census, Minnesota, Blue Earth, Mankato Twp., Mankato City, Baker Ave & W. 8th st. 18 April 1910 by William E. P (rest unreadable) sheet 8A Source: KEENAN, Eliza head F W 77 Wid had 8 children, 6 still living IRE IRE IRE (all three say english ireland) immigrated 1849 own income " Nina M. dau F W 35 S MN IRE IRE none FAIRWEATHER, Hannah K. dau F W 40 Wid had no children MN IRE IRE teacher school 1910 US Census, Minnesota, Blue Earth, Rapidan Twp. 14 September 1910 by Earl Hilder sheet 11A Source: KENAN, Saml F. head M W 52 M 30 IRE-ENG IRE-ENG IRE-ENG farmer genl. Farm " Delle S. wife F W 51 M 30 had 7 children, 6 still living PA RI PA " Clara E. dau F W 28 S MN IRE PA saleswoman store " Benjamin L. son M W 17 S MN IRE PA laborer genl farm " Ralph A. son M W 15 S MN IRE PA none " Mary A. R. dau F W 7 S MN IRE PA none 1920 US Census, Minnesota, Blue Earth, Mankato Twp., Baker Ave & W. 8th st. 7 January 1920 by James A. N(rest unreadable) sheet 6A Source: KEENAN, Eliza head owns F W 87 Wid IRE-ENG IRE-ENG IRE-ENG none " Nina M. dau F W 45 S MN IRE IRE none FAIRWEATHER, Hannah K. dau F W 50 Wid MN IRE IRE teacher public school I must get back online and find Benjamin's employment etc and double check the below 1920 1920 US Census, Minnesota, Blue Earth, Rapidan Twp. 16 January 1920 by W. A. Just sheet 10A Source: KEENAN, Benjamin rents M W 27 M MN MN MN " Elsie wife F W 27 M MN MN MN " Margaret dau F W 2 ?/12 S MN MN MN 1930 US Census, Minnesota, Blue Earth, Mankato Twp. 15 April 1930 by Harry L. Allen sheet 6A Source: KEENAN, Benjamin L. head owns $2000 M W 37 M 22 MN MN PA salesman books " Elsie E. wife F W 37 M 22 MN MN MN " Margaret E. dau F W 12 S MN MN MN

Lineage of Susanna Seaman (via John Franklin). Email From: Harriett Foster. Subject: John Franklin. Date: January 1, 2005 12:08:00 PM PST. This is a reprint...This site has a lot on John and Susanna Brown Franklin's children. Tri Counties Genealogy & History Sites By Joyce M. Tice Pioneer & Patriot Families Of Bradford County, Pa 1770-1800 Vol I - Clement F. Heverly. Pages 265 - 266 [See also]: John Franklin, a native of Essex county, England, came to America with his family, 1793-'94. It is related that "during the voyage of nine weeks the entire family had the smallpox, and that upon reaching America, Mr. Franklin was indentured by one Lambert of Lambertville, N.J., until the cost of transportation had been met. Mr. Franklin went to Philadelphia to earn money to redeem himself, and Lambert, becoming fearful lest he would run away before the redemption money was paid, had him placed in jail. John King, an Englishman, living at Asylum, hearing of this, went security for Mr. Franklin and brought (1795-'96) him and his family to Asylum, where the debt was soon liquidated. Mr. King afterwards settled at Olean, N.Y., where several of the Dodge family joined him." Mr. Franklin continued to reside in Asylum and Wyalusing until his death, August 11, 1835, aged 89 years. "His life was marked by piety, humility and industry." He had married, in England, Susanna Brown, who died February 22, 1818, aged 58 years. Both rest in the Dodgetown cemetery at Terrytown. Their children were: Elizabeth, born, 1780, in England, married December 11, 1797, Bartholomew Laporte of Asylum; died May 5, 1852. Bartholomew Laporte was born, 1758, in Tulle, France. He had been a prosperous wine merchant at Cadiz, Spain, and having been banished with all French subjects by a decree of the Spanish government, he sought an opportunity of finding his way to America. In 1793, in company with Omer Talon, he succeeded and came with him to Asylum. He was a man of affairs in the colony, being merchant, manager and land steward for Talon. Later he purchased a tract of 400 acres, kept hotel and improved his farm. Upon the organization of the county he took an active interest in public affairs, and was elected county commissioner in 1818. He continued to occupy his fine estate until the close of his life. In 1797 he married Elizabeth, daughter of John Franklin of Asylum. They had one son, John. Mr. Laporte died February 11, 1836, aged 78 years, and his wife, May 5, 1852, aged 71 years. Both are buried in the family plot on the homestead. John was born Nov. 4, 1798 at Asylum. His early life was spent upon the farm. Politics had a great fascination for him, and as soon as he was old enough he took an active hand on the Democratic side of the house as an ally of Gen. Samuel McKean. He was elected county auditor, 1820, and represented the county in the State Legislature, 1829 to '32, being Speaker of the House the year last named. In 1832 he was chosen to the 23rd Congress and re-elected to the 24th. In 1840 he was appointed an Associate Judge of this county, serving five years. He was appointed Surveyor-General of the State, 1845, by Governor Shunk and held that office six years. Judge Laporte remained with the Democratic party until 1855, when he assisted in the formation of the Republican party. About the year 1850 he removed to Towanda to engage in the banking business. Here he died August 22, 1862. Mr. Laporte married 1st Matilda, daughter of Dr. Jabez Chamberlain, and had children: Bartholomew married Emily Terry; Elizabeth married Charles F. Welles; Samuel McKean married Sarah Wright Corey. For his second wife, Mr. Laporte married Eliza Caldwell, widow of William Brindle. They had a daughter, Matilda, who married John R. Glover. Rebecca, born December 27, 1783, in England, married March 7, 1810, Edmund Dodge (page 158) and died at Terrytown. Sally, born December 20, 1787, in England, married January 26, 1807, Nathaniel Terry. Their children, who married as follows, were: Betsy, June 24, 1830, to Daniel Miller; Rebecca to George Gordon; Miner, September 12, 1833, to Sally Lacey; Lucretia, 1st to Daniel Hallock, 2nd to Hiram Crandall; Mary Ann to Ulysses Moody; Maria to John Moore; Matilda to D. Hallock. Mary, born April 23, 1795 in America, married Walter Seaman of Sugar Run, Warren county, Pa. Their children were: Susanna (Mrs. Jerry P. Smith), Polly (Mrs. William Hoop), Rebecca (Mrs. Wooster), Laura (Mrs. Charles K. Whitehead), John F., Sally Ann (Mrs. Benjamin Palmer), Phebe (Mrs. Henry English), Dennis W., Charles D., Lurinda (Mrs. Harvey Newton), Malinda. A connection to Benjamin Franklin has been proposed. Here's the story that's been circulating in the Rhoads family for years: "Ben's father was Josiah Franklin, born in England in 1655. He migrated to America in 1685 with his wife Ann and three children. She died in 1689 and Josiah married Abiah, daughter of Peter Folger. Benjamin Franklin was the eighth of Abiah's children. John Franklin, his brother, had a granddaughter, Mary Franklin, who married Walter Seaman, and their child was Susann Seaman. She and Walter were Delle Smith's grandparents." However, there may be two John Franklins here, separated by several decades, so the connection to Ben is tenuous. Here's a follow-up email from Harriett Foster on the Ben Franklin question, 1/2/05: "I found Ben's older brother, John, listed on the Cole/Richard ancestors on worldconnect.  The contact is David Kenneth Charles Cole.  This is the John was born in 1690 in Boston. IF Clement F. Heverly was right in his Pioneer & Patriot Families of Bradford County, Pa 1770-1800, our John died in 1835 at the age of 89, making his date of birth 1746. One of the Ben Franklin history sites states that Josiah was 51 and Abiah Folger 39 when Ben was born in 1706.  They would have been 91 and 79 when our John was born.  An even bigger problem: Josiah's DOD is given as 16 JAN 1744/45.  Josiah died in Boston before our John was born in Essex county, England?

Eliza Steele's father and mother were Richard Steele (who fought under Wellington and wounded at Waterloo) and Margaret Finley. From MARKR's FSTLAFO. Email from Jerry Rowan re Eliza Steele Keenan [Jan 5 2005]: In the death index I found Mrs George M. Keenan's maiden name is Steele as seen in her childrens deaths. It has Samuel and Delle's deaths as well in the Minnesota Death Notices, some are wives and some I haven't found a connection Social Security Death Index Personal Information Name: Ralph Keenan SSN: 471-07-XXXX Last Residence: 54840 Grantsburg, Burnett, Wisconsin, United States of America Born: 28 Nov 1894 Died: Mar 1979 State (Year) SSN issued: Minnesota (Before 1951) 1920 US Census, Minnesota, Blue Earth Co., Rapidan Twp. 16 January 1920 by W. A. Just sheet 10A Source: (note parents birth state are all wrong except Mary's) KEENAN, Delle head owns F W 59 Wid PA OH OH farmer " Harry son M W 30 S MN PA MN house farm laborer " Mary dau F W 17 S MN MN PA none 1930 US Census, Minnesota, Blue Earth Co., Rapidan Twp. 10 April 1930 by William A. Bosin sheet 3B Source: Lives beside his mother KEENAN, Harry C. head owns M W 41 M 31 MN MN PA farmer general farm " Francis wife F W 38 M 28 WI GER GER none " Maysene dau F W 5 S MN MN WI none " Betty L. dau F W 11/12 S MN MN WI none the following is Harry C's wife Wisconsin Births, 1820-1907 Source: Name Birth Date County Reel Record Francis M Mueller 12 Jan 1892 Milwaukee 012 000596 1930 US Census, Minnesota, Blue Earth Co., Rapidan Twp. 10 April 1930 by William A. Bosin sheet 3B Source: Lives next door to son Harry C. KEENAN, Delle head owns F W 71 Wid PA RI PA none " Clara dau F W 49 S MN RI PA none Minnesota Death Index, 1908-2002 Personal Information Name: NINA MYRTLE KEENAN Birth Date: 04/03/1875 00:00:00 Death Date: 09/28/1958 00:00:00 Death Place: BLUE EARTH State File Number: 001407 Mother's Maiden Name: STEELE Minnesota Death Index, 1908-2002 Personal Information Name: HARRY C. KEENAN Birth Date: 04/22/1889 00:00:00 Death Date: 07/02/1965 00:00:00 Death Place: BLUE EARTH State File Number: 013699 Mother's Maiden Name: SMITH Personal Information What to do next? Name: CLARA EDITH KEENAN Birth Date: 06/10/1881 00:00:00 Death Date: 01/20/1955 00:00:00 Death Place: BLUE EARTH State File Number: 001376 Mother's Maiden Name: SMITH Personal Information What to do next? Name: ELSIE E. KEENAN Birth Date: 12/09/1892 00:00:00 Death Date: 11/23/1975 00:00:00 Death Place: BLUE EARTH State File Number: 027448 Mother's Maiden Name: SIEBERT Personal Information What to do next? Name: BENJAMIN J. KEENAN Birth Date: 09/25/1892 00:00:00 Death Date: 02/17/1981 00:00:00 Death Place: BLUE EARTH State File Number: 002916 Mother's Maiden Name: SMITH Personal Information What to do next? Name: FRANCIS F. KEENAN Birth Date: 01/12/1892 00:00:00 Death Date: 04/04/1968 00:00:00 Death Place: BLUE EARTH State File Number: 008753 Mother's Maiden Name: UNKNOWN Personal Information What to do next? Name: JOSEPH MARK KEENAN Birth Date: 05/16/1956 00:00:00 Death Date: 05/18/1956 00:00:00 Death Place: BLUE EARTH State File Number: 001146 Mother's Maiden Name: PALMER Personal Information What to do next? Name: ELIZA KEENAN Death Date: 09/04/1934 00:00:00 Death Place: BLUE EARTH State File Number: 001330 Personal Information What to do next? Name: MARY A KEENAN Death Date: 07/06/1929 00:00:00 Death Place: BLUE EARTH State File Number: 001052 Personal Information What to do next? Name: SAMUL S KEENAN Death Date: 06/25/1917 00:00:00 Death Place: BLUE EARTH State File Number: 001379 Personal Information What to do next? Name: BABY BOY KEENAN Death Date: 09/08/1925 00:00:00 Death Place: BLUE EARTH State File Number: 001375 Personal Information What to do next? Name: EILEEN ELIZABETH KEENAN Birth Date: March 14, 1932 Birth City: SAINT JAMES Birth State: MINNESOTA Death Date: May 14, 2001 Death Place: MANKATO, BLUE EARTH State File Number: 2001-MN-512702 Mother's Maiden Name: (MCMULLEN) Personal Information What to do next? Name: DELILAH M. KEENAN Birth Date: July 3, 1919 Birth City: WABASHA COUNTY Birth State: MINNESOTA Death Date: June 12, 2001 Death Place: MANKATO, BLUE EARTH State File Number: 2001-MN-516392 Mother's Maiden Name: COX Personal Information What to do next? Name: EDWARD KEENAN Death Date: 11/18/1944 00:00:00 Death Place: BLUE EARTH State File Number: 001263 Personal Information What to do next? Name: GEORGE M KEENAN Death Date: 09/06/1909 00:00:00 Death Place: BLUE EARTH State File Number: 001011 Personal Information What to do next? Name: DAVID KEENAN Death Date: 03/27/1928 00:00:00 Death Place: BLUE EARTH State File Number: 001037 Personal Information What to do next? Name: DELLE KEENAN Death Date: 03/03/1943 00:00:00 Death Place: BLUE EARTH State File Number: 001360 Personal Information What to do next? Name: EDITH HELENA SHAW Birth Date: 06/28/1891 00:00:00 Death Date: 02/23/1978 00:00:00 Death Place: BLUE EARTH State File Number: 002882 Mother's Maiden Name: KEENAN Personal Information What to do next? Name: HANNAH KEENAN FAIRWEATHER Birth Date: 08/08/1869 00:00:00 Death Date: 11/24/1958 00:00:00 Death Place: BLUE EARTH State File Number: 001476 Mother's Maiden Name: SREELE Minnesota Birth Index, 1935-2002 Source: Name Birth Day Birth County Father Mother Emmett Gerard Keenan 24 Jun 1959 Blue Earth Emmett Edward Keenan Irene Angeline Palmer Gerald Allen Keenan 30 Mar 1958 Blue Earth Eugene Charles Keenan Eileen Elizabeth Osborne Heather Lynn Keenan 10 Dec 1975 Blue Earth Steven Charles Keenan Cynthia Ann Miller Jason Ray Keenan 6 Apr 1971 Blue Earth Raymond Edward Keenan Joyce Ann Haack Jean Marie Keenan 3 Nov 1965 Blue Earth Eugene Charles Keenan Eileen Elizabeth Osborne Jeremy Paul Keenan 3 Jul 1972 Blue Earth Raymond Edward Keenan Joyce Ann Haack Jessica Mae Keenan 17 Apr 1994 Blue Earth Kenneth Richard Keenan Brenda Ann Konrad Joseph Mark Keenan 16 May 1956 Blue Earth Emmett Edward Keenan Irene Angeline Paler Kevin Patrick Keenan 16 Dec 1951 Blue Earth Jerry David Keenan Delilah Mabel Tentis Laura Terese Keenan 27 Mar 1978 Blue Earth Joseph Michael Keenan Ann Carol Scheidel Matthew Patrick Keenan 13 Oct 1984 Blue Earth Patrick Michael Keenan Darla Laurene Dmytrasz Michael Edward Keenan 5 Feb 1939 Blue Earth Tom Keenan Florence Kriens Michael Robert Keenan 8 Nov 1975 Blue Earth Gerald Allen Keenan Jacqueline Stoltzman Micheal Edward Keenan 6 Nov 1951 Blue Earth Edward Francis Keenan Theresa Mary Mann Nell Elisabeth Keenan 18 Oct 1976 Blue Earth Joseph Michael Keenan Ann Carol Scheidel Patrick Michael Keenan 4 May 1959 Blue Earth Eugene Charles Keenan Eileen Elizabeth Osborne Paul Joseph Keenan 26 Sep 1979 Blue Earth Joseph Michael Keenan Ann Carol Scheidel Raymond Edward Keenan 16 May 1952 Blue Earth Eugene Charles Keenan Eileen Elizabeth Osborne Sean Patrick Keenan 28 Jul 1994 Blue Earth Mark Patrick Keenan Lynn Marie Schiebold Steven Charles Keenan 30 Jan 1954 Blue Earth Eugene Charles Keenan Eileen Elizabeth Osborne Teresa Marie Keenan 21 Feb 1953 Blue Earth Jerry David Keenan Delilah Mable Tentis Tonya Lee Keenan 13 Sep 1974 Blue Earth Steven Charles Keenan Cynthia Ann Miller Vanessa Jean Eileen Keenan 16 May 1991 Blue Earth Gerald Allen Keenan Theresa Ann Kenning  

Email from Harriett Foster, Jan 2 2005: I found the printout of some of Jerry Rowan's work.  He has "Jeremiah Potter Smith b. 21 MAR 1814 to Johathan Smith (lost at sea) and Watie Potter (died in Warren County at age of 85)."  There's a story in Jerry file about Jonathan "written by Delle Livingston Keenan in about August 1935.  She was a daughter of Britania Jane Smith Livingston, a daughter of Jeremiah and Susannah B. Seaman Smith."  Delle says, "This is the history as I heard it from my mother, Britania Jane Smith Livingston, who heard it from her father."  If I can find it in my computer, I'll send it along.  If not, give me a few days and I'll type it out if you want it. This is a different Della from the one who wrote the PA Dutch paper?  Almost has to be. That one was Flora Della Smith Keenan and I believe she mentioned Britania as an older sister. 

From GER's Files: Parents- Father - James Harrison Rhoads - Clergyman, Seventh-Day Adventist church Born - Sept. 12, 1901, Hartley, Iowa. Died - February 13, l988 Buried - Bloomington, Indiana (Simpson Chapel Cemetary) Mother- Mary Agnes Rose Keenan-Rhoads - RN/Homemaker Born - July 30, 1902, The Berry Farm, Mankato, Minn. Died - April 13, 1992, St. Joseph, Michigan Buried - Bloomington, Indiana (Simpson Chapel Cemetary) Siblings - Clara Edith Keenan/June 10, 1881 Frank Samuel Keenan/Sept 24, 1884 Britania Myrtle Keenan/Dec 30, 1886 (lived only 5 weeks) Harry Cyrus Keenan/April 22, l892 Benjamin Livingston Keenan/Sept 25,1892 Ralph Garberg Keenan/Nov. 28, 1894 Married - December 25, 1924, at mother's home, Mankato, Minnesota Siblings - James Berton Rhoads/Sept 17, 1928 Married Sadie Handy - Aug 12(?) 1957 [children] Donald Harrison Rhoads/Sept 17, 1937 Married Jean Schlunt [children] Paternal Paternal Great Grandfather - Harrison Rhoads - Farmer? Civil War Veteran Born - 1840, New Berlin, PA Died - 1920 Paternal Great Grandmother - Fietta Alfaretta (Heims) Rhoads Born - 1841, Lancaster County, PA Died - 1898, Nebraska Sanitarium, College View, NB. (This building later became the girl's dorm at Union College, where BJ lived 4 years) Buried "near Union College"-probably in College View Cemetary. (had a sister, Fredonia (?)) Fietta married Henry Rhoads, Harrison's older brother about 1864. They had one son, John,( born in 1865, died 1940). Henry was killed in action in 1865. When Harrison returned from the war he married Fietta. They had four children: Mentor - b. 1865 or 66 (disappeared as a young man, left home at 18, no record.) Daughter A - 1867-1870(?) Daughter B - 1868-1870(?) John - c. 1869-? Arthur Valentine - b. Feb.14 ? - d. 1945 Married Belle Rowland ( Bert's wife's sister) Sons - Dale and Vernon Bert - b. 21 Aug 1871, d. 1 Dec 1967 (see below) Blanche - b. 1876 - d.1977 Grandparents- Paternal Grandfather - William Berton Rhoads - Teacher/Principal/ School Superindendent/Farmer Born - 21 Aug.1871,Marshall County (State Center), Iowa Died - 1 Dec 1967, Saratoga, CA Buried - San Jose, California (Saratoga, CA, Madronia Cem.) Paternal Grandmother - Mary Ellen Rowland-Rhoads - Office Worker/Church Administrator (Kansas Conf)/Homemaker Born - 1876 Died - Feb. 1954, Saratoga, CA Buried - Saratoga, CA (Madronia Cemetary) Married - 25 Feb 1895, Sunderland, Iowa. Both Mary and Bert baptised SDA's summer 1895, Iowa campmeeting near Des Moines,IA. This union produced 6 children Norma Ione Youngberg (Mrs. Gustavus) (Rita Ruth, Robert Raleigh, Rhoda Belle, Ina Madge, James Rowland, Gustavas Benson) b. 24 May 1896 d. 1984, Loma Linda, CA Gus Youngberg-b. 1888-Minesota d. 1944-Japanese prison camp Ruth Kathryn Bresee (Mrs. Floyed) b. 21 Oct l898 d. 1918 (flu epidemic) buried - College View, Nebr. James (see above) John Lewis b. 12 Oct 1903 d. Jan 1904 -buried, Lake City, S.D. Leona Belle Minchin (Mrs. Gerald) (Dorothy Belle Comm, Verna Eileen, Keith Rowland) b. July 24, 1907 Gerald Hopetoun Minchin b. 1901, Perth, W. Australia d. 1969, Singapore Blanche Mildred Bennett- (Mrs. Dr. Wilber) (son-William Gerald) b. Sept. 8, 1909 both M. & W. d. early 1990's Wilber Keith Bennett-b. 1911, Nebr. Maternal Grandfather - Samuel Franklin Keenan - Farmer Born - Sept. 15(12), 1857, Minnesota Died - June 25(17), l917, Mankato, Blue Earth County, Minn. Buried - Mankato, Minnesota Maternal Grandmother - Flora Delle Smith-Keenan - Teacher/Home- maker Born - March 26, 1859 Died - March 22, 1943 Buried - Mankato, Minnesota Married - April 14, 1880, South Bend, Minnesota.

Seeking information regarding these relatives (most with birth year):; Emilia BELTZ; Amalie BOETTCHER 1887; Anton BOETTCHER 23 Dec 1838; August Emil BOETTCHER 28 Oct 1837; Christina BOETTCHER 15 Jan 1886; Eugene Karl BOETTCHER 28 Mar 1905; Eva Christina BOETTCHER 14 Mar 1843; Freida BOETTCHER 14 Apr 1907; Friedericka BOETTCHER 28 Mar 1863; Friederike BOETTCHER 24 Oct 1882; Friederike/Friedericka BOETTCHER 24 Oct 1882; Georg Jakob BOETTCHER 30 Mar 1841; Jakob BOETTCHER 13 May 1880; Jakob BOETTCHER 1889; Johan Jacob “John” BOETTCHER 18 Jan 1869; Johann Friedrich BOETTCHER 10 Oct 1834; Johann Friedrich BOETTCHER 31 Jan 1798; Johann Wilhelm BOETTCHER 9 Oct 1852; Johanna/Hannal BOETTCHER 29 Nov 1864; John BOETTCHER 16 Aug 1910; Karl Ludwig Eugene BOETTCHER 9 Oct 1832; Katharina BOETTCHER 5 Sep 1885; Katharine BOETTCHER 20 Sep 1884; Katherina BOETTCHER 27 Jul 1866; Konrad BOETTCHER 1855; Lenora BOETTCHER 21 Feb 1917; Leon BOETTCHER 12 Dec 1914; Ludwig BOETTCHER 2 Jan 1871; Luise BOETTCHER 28 Feb 1878; Margaretha BOETTCHER 27 Jun 1845; Oscar Frederick “Butch” BOETTCHER 7 Dec 1908; Wilhelm BOETTCHER 2 Sep 1849; Wilhelm “William” BOETTCHER 30 Jul 1878; Wilhelmina BOETTCHER 20 Jul 1903; Wilhelmine BOETTCHER 23 Nov 1847; Wilhelmina BURK 17 Dec 1846; Anna S. HALVORSON 4 Aug 1898; Emma HALVORSON ; Evelyn HALVORSON 1920; Gustav HALVORSON 4 Oct 1890; Hattie J. HALVORSON 1902; Margaret HALVORSON 1924; Oscar HALVORSON 1888; Regina “Gina” HALVORSON 1896; Rior O. HALVORSON 1855; Andrew David HAYNAL 1 Dec 1888; Andrew O. HAYNAL 1866; Andrew Paul HAYNAL 29 Jan 1921; Dorothy Christine HAYNAL 1919; Erka Elizabeth Alice HAYNAL 11 Jan 1902; Eva HAYNAL 1895; John Budington HAYNAL 8 Jan 1892; Joseph HAYNAL 1909; Kathryn HAYNAL 1898; Mary HAYNAL 1899; Suzanna HAYNAL 1894; William HIMES 1736; Albert HUXLEY 24 Dec 1802; Asahel HUXLEY 1770; Carrie Eliza(-beth) HUXLEY 15 Dec 1858; Jared HUXLEY 1730; Jared HUXLEY 1710; Jared HUXLEY 1679; John Milton HUXLEY 26 Sep 1827; Thomas HUXLEY 1640; Benjamin L. KEENAN 25 Sep 1892; Clara Edith KEENAN 10 Jun 1881; Eliza KEENAN 1865; Frank (Francis F.?) KEENAN 12 Jan 1892; George KEENAN 1861; George Monahan KEENAN 12 Nov 1821; Hannah K. KEENAN 8 Aug 1869; Harry C. KEENAN 22 Apr 1889; Margaret E. KEENAN 25 Jun 1917; Mary Agnes Rose KEENAN 30 Jul 1902; Nelley or Nellie KEENAN 1872; Nina Myrtle (Nancy?) KEENAN 3 Apr 1875; Ralph A. KEENAN 28 Nov 1894; Samuel Franklin KEENAN 15 Sep 1857; George Hiram KEESLER 29 Oct 1870; Ruth Mary KEESLER 2 Apr 1901; Wilhelmina KITTLER 23 Mar 1836; Katharina KRAMM 1 Jun 1805; Rosina Barbara KUISSLIN / KUISLE 11 May 1769; Kristina KUKLIS 18 Jan 1888; Pavel KUKLIS ; Barbara Ellen LEAF 19 Jul 1832; Darleen Vanessa Juanita LENZ 3 Sep 1924; Emil Herman LENZ 29 Dec 1897; Emmy Emilia LENZ 6 Nov 1905; Fritz Johann “Fred” LENZ 8 Feb 1904; Hedwig Minna “Hattie” LENZ 23 Sep 1901; Otto Fredrich LENZ 6 Sep 1899; Paul Bertholt (von) LENZ 30 Dec 1867; William Otto “W.O.” LENZ 9 Jul 1896; Anna Margaretha MATTHEIS 5 Nov 1811; August MATTHEIS 6 Jan 1910; August MATTHEIS 4 May 1833; August Conrad MATTHEIS 8 Jan 1887; August Friedrich MATTHEIS 4 May 1833; August MATTHEIS 22 Sep 1855; Bernhard MATTHEIS 29 Nov 1890; Calivin Conrad MATTHEIS 2 Nov 1925; Christian MATTHEIS 14 Jan 1823; Christina MATTHEIS 25 Feb 1896; Christine (WK) MATTHEIS 2 Jul 1867; Conrad Georg MATTHEIS ; Duane John MATTHEIS 20 Nov 1927; Ellen Pearl MATTHEIS 17 May 1915; Emma MATTHEIS 9 Oct 1902; Georg MATTHEIS 22 Jan 1823; Georg MATTHEIS 17 Jan 1871; Gottlieb MATTHEIS 1 Mar 1839; Gottlieb Heinrich MATTHEIS 21 Sep 1765; Gottlieb Heinrich MATTHEIS 14 Apr 1790; Heinrich MATTHEIS 25 Feb 1831; Heinrich MATTHEIS 31 Jan 1850; Heinrich MATTHEIS 30 Aug 1860; Heinrich MATTHEIS 1668; Herbert Ernest MATTHEIS 23 Jan 1905; Irene MATTHEIS 10 May 1920; Jakob J. “Jacob” MATTHEIS 1 May 1901; Joel MATTHEIS 14 Jun 1912; Johann MATTHEIS 1823; Johann Andreas MATTHEIS 20 Dec 1802; Johann Heinrich MATTHEIS 3 Jan 1743; Johann “John” MATTHEIS 27 Jun 1888; Johann Phillip MATTHEIS 15 Jan 1854; Johannes MATTHEIS 7 Aug 1859; Katharina MATTHEIS 1 Sep 1833; Katharina MATTHEIS 12 Oct 1861; Katherine MATTHEIS 5 Jun 1861; Katherine “Katie” MATTHEIS 26 Jul 1894; Konrad MATTHEIS 24 Jan 1864; Ludwig MATTHEIS 24 Feb 1890; Maria MATTHEIS 16 Jul 1858; Mathilda “Tillie” MATTHEIS 22 Feb 1911; Philipp MATTHEIS 25 May 1830; Rosina Magdalena MATTHEIS 1797; Rosina MATTHEIS 25 Aug 1857; Rosine or Rosina MATTHEIS 17 May 1836; Ruth Jane MATTHEIS 23 Jul 1921; Theodore R. “Ted” MATTHEIS 21 Nov 1906; Wilhelmina “Minnie” MATTHEIS 18 Sep 1885; William “Willie” MATTHEIS 29 Nov 1913; Christian MILLER 1881; Opal Miriam MILLER Feb 1926; Ruby Lorraine MILLER 1 Jan 1929; John Elry PREST 1849; Abram “Abraham” RHOADS 1841; Arthur Valentine RHOADS 1874; Blanche E. RHOADS 1876; Blanche Mildred “Middy” RHOADS 8 Sep 1909; Furgeson RHOADS 1846; Gayle Elwood RHOADS 19 Feb 1931; George RHOADS 1844; Harrison RHOADS 25 Sep 1839; Henry RHOADS 1837; Ida RHOADS 1862; James Harrison RHOADS 12 Sep 1901; John Henry RHOADS 2 Jan 1864; John L. RHOADS 27 Feb 1814; Mary RHOADS 1850; Mentor RHOADS 1867; Norma Ione RHOADS May 1896; Ruth Kathryn RHOADS Oct 1898; Sarah RHOADS 1851; Vernon RHOADS; William Berton RHOADS 21 Aug 1871; Albert ROWLAND Sep 1895; Alice “Allie” ROWLAND 1865 or Jan 1870; Almira Blanche ROWLAND 25 Oct 1911; Ann ROWLAND 1 Feb 1745; Anne ROWLAND 1832; Edwardous ROWLAND 6 Jan 1678; Elizabeth Pearl ROWLAND 25 Oct 1911; Florance ROWLAND Nov 1890; George ROWLAND Feb 1876; George Henry ROWLAND 1835; Humfridus ROWLAND 24 Dec 1620; Humfridus ROWLAND 1584; Humfridus (1) ROWLAND ; Humfridus (2) ROWLAND ; Iva Eleanor ROWLAND 4 Dec 1906; James ROWLAND 1 Aug 1852; James Guy ROWLAND 11 Oct 1905; Johannes ROWLAND 21 Jul 1642; John ROWLAND 1836; John ROWLAND 1864; Joseph ROWLAND 1778; Joseph ROWLAND 19 Oct 1806; Joseph Henry ROWLAND 11 Feb 1828; Joseph L. ROWLAND Jun 1857; Joseph Milton ROWLAND 4 Feb 1881; Laura ROWLAND 1877; Margaret ROWLAND 11 Jul 1759; Margaret ROWLAND 7 Jul 1736; Martha ROWLAND 1844; Martha ROWLAND 3 Jun 1798; Martha ROWLAND 1859 or 1860; Mary ROWLAND 1830; Mary Ellen “May” ROWLAND 3 Jan 1876; Myrtti ROWLAND 1888; Pearl ROWLAND Jan 1884; Robert “1633” ROWLAND Mar 1633; Robert “1668” ROWLAND 30 Aug 1668; Robertus ROWLAND 1610; Rosa Belle ROWLAND 23 Sep 1872; Sarah ROWLAND 1829; Sarah ROWLAND May 1867; Sleigh “1699” ROWLAND 25 Mar 1699; Sleigh “1737” ROWLAND 2 Feb 1737; Sleigh “1772” ROWLAND 5 Nov 1772; Sleigh “1800” ROWLAND 25 May 1800; Sleigh “1825” ROWLAND 1825; Thomas ROWLAND 1840; Thomas ROWLAND 23 May 1710; William ROWLAND 1826; William Wilson ROWLAND 15 Nov 1854; Wilson ROWLAND May 1886; Alvin W. SEAMAN 27 Oct 1870; Charles SEAMAN abt 1786; Charles D. SEAMAN 25 Dec 1836; Dennis W. SEAMAN abt 1832; Dimmock W. SEAMAN abt 1832; George S. SEAMAN 1806; John F. (S) SEAMAN Apr 1827; Laura SEAMAN abt 1825; Lorinda Diane SEAMAN Aug 1837; Malinda SEAMAN abt 1838; Phebe L. SEAMAN abt Oct 1831; Polly V. SEAMAN 1822; Rebecca M. SEAMAN 1824; Sallie Ann SEAMAN 3 Jan 1830; Susannah B. SEAMAN 1819; Walter SEAMAN 1784; Prudence SLEIGH 27 Jun 1677; Britania Jane SMITH 21 Feb 1841; Clara Isabelle SMITH 1854; Eleanor Adell(Della) SMITH 30 Dec 1869; Flora Delle SMITH 26 Mar 1859; Jeremiah Potter SMITH 21 Mar 1814; Jeremiah Potter SMITH 21 Mar 1814; Jeremiah Prest SMITH 22 Aug 1878; John SPENCER 1505; John SPENCER 1462; John SPENCER 1434; Robert SPENCER 1406; Sarah SPENCER 1641; Thomas SPENCER 1607; William SPENCER 1330; Isabelle Miller TAYLOR 1815; Anna TEMPLIEN Apr 1886; Augusta TEMPLIEN 1882; Fred TEMPLIEN 25 Aug 1889; Gottfried TEMPLIEN 1890; Mathilda “Tilly” H. TEMPLIEN Nov 1888; Michael TEMPLIEN Aug 1854; Emilia Emma THOM 25 Aug 1873; Emma THOM ; Frantz or Franz THOM; Minnie THOM; Emil THOM; Herman THOM; Anna M. WEMMER / WEMMERIN 10 Jan 1744. 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