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After spending ten years immersed in the topic of social influence, my impression is that the field is filled with thousands of fascinating findings and tactics held together by a loose and perplexingly weak connective structure. "Laws" of social influence are hotly contested whenever a particularly brave researcher claims to have found one.

In sum, the theoretical connective tissue of our science is in a formative state of development. But within the intellectual universe of social influence, there are brilliant constellations of theories and results that are remarkably reliable.

What this means for most of us is that there are thousands of efficient influence tools awaiting our use (and more appearing each passing year), but no definitive publication telling us how to apply them. Fortunately, some brave souls are attempting to address this problem and bring order to the field. Learn about one of the fundamental contributions to the science by Petty & Cacioppo and Chaiken regarding mindfulness and mindlessness on the next page . . .

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